Engagement ring: how to choose the right one?

An engagement ring is one that, according to Western customs, is worn to indicate your commitment to marry.

The custom of engagement rings dates back to Roman times, although the traditional diamond ring, symbol of fidelity, dates back to the 15th century. The plain gold ring of the wedding ring symbolizes eternity and the cycle of life.

The ring is worn on the ring finger (which according to tradition contains the amorous vein). The hand on which it is traditionally worn depends on the area. But for hundreds of years, the amoris vein has been said to pass through the left ring finger which connects directly to the heart. Traditionally, it is offered by the man as a gift to his girlfriend while or when she agrees to the proposal of marriage. It represents a formal acceptance of the future commitment.

Tradition in the different countries


Today, in the United States of America it is increasingly common (though not yet widespread), for a woman to also buy an engagement ring from her partner at the time of the request.

In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany, both wear engagement rings. However, in these countries the groom’s ring is sometimes used later as a wedding ring; although some men wear two rings, this is not usual. The bride usually receives as an engagement ring a silver ring (and to a lesser extent gold; since gold is generally used for the wedding ring), which usually has some stone embedded in it, which may be semi-precious or precious (like a diamond).

In some regions of Spain and Mexico, the groom traditionally receives an engagement watch in response to the engagement ring.

Traditionally, in Spain, a jewel was also offered to the woman at the time of the engagement (which used to be a bracelet) and only in recent times, the ring is being extended as a preference.

In Mexico there is a tradition that dictates that the price of the ring should be the equivalent of 3 months of the groom’s free salary. This salary is usually considered with the amount received the day the couple started their courtship.

The different sales channels of an engagement ring have evolved with the times. Traditionally, such pieces are purchased in local stores, but nowadays they can also be bought online.

Discover the origin of the engagement ring


The origin of the engagement ring dates back to ancient Egypt, where future brides wore it on their ring finger, since the “amorous vein” of that finger reaches the heart. In Roman times, its predecessor was a simple iron ring that symbolized the eternity of the cycle of life that began the new couple and was a promise of respect and commitment to that union before society, reports Berger Joyeros, jewelry firm with a presence in Mexico City, facing the celebration of February 14.

Later, Jews and Christians adopted that Roman custom and made the ring part of the wedding ceremony. Starting in the Middle Ages, rings began to be decorated with gems, and the diamond, for its physical properties and attributes, was selected by the aristocracy of the time to be used in weddings. It was in 1477 when Maximilian of Austria first gave a diamond engagement ring to Mary, daughter of the Duke of Burgundy.

On the other hand, the churumbelas have become popular in the celebration of important dates, among them, the birth of a son, anniversaries (symbolizing with each stone the years of marriage) or even as a complement for the engagement ring, or to reinforce the wedding ring.

In view of the celebration of February 14, the jeweler signature reports that the rings of commitment and churumbelas available in the market offer from classic cuts, like round, princess, drop, marquis, oval, baguette or emerald, until more modern sizes, like cushion, asscher, radiant or heart.



After long hours behind sketches, selection of precious stones and the most precise settings, one of the most special jewels is obtained: the engagement ring. Today we propose a basic dictionary with the main types of engagement rings, designs destined to become future “I do” rings.


Less is more. The solitary ring is the classic par excellence and never disappoints.

Elegant, discreet and timeless, you can choose it with different types of settings to add your personal touch: in claws to give volume, chaton setting to get more protection or in tension to give lightness to the jewel.


To visually increase the carat of your diamond, choose a faceted crown setting. This is a very meticulous technique for reflecting light onto the metal: by carving a few small cuts or facets in the area of the setting, an optical effect is achieved that makes the diamond appear larger.


It’s an absolute trend and the favorite of many as it supports every jewelry look imaginable. Perfect for creating sets in the same tone or in a two-color key, the half-ring of diamonds is characterized by setting half of the ring’s arm with claw or channel diamonds.


If you want your engagement ring to be the protagonist, surely you don’t want to give up a design full of precious diamonds. A main diamond crowns a ring with a diamond arm on a track.

Do you dare to combine two different diamond cuts? Try to highlight a large diamond on a groove of princess diamonds, the result is spectacular.


Its name, “Eternity Ring”, is explained by the characteristic of setting the diamonds along the entire arm of the ring. In this way an “infinite” design is achieved, without beginning or end, as a symbol of the unity of the couple, absolute love and perfection.

As with half rings, you can find this design in Argyor in the three possible shades of gold: white, pink and yellow gold.


A jewel that evokes love deserves a point of nostalgia and sweetness. We encourage you to choose a design with diamonds inspired by nature.

Our master jewelers achieve small works of art by setting the diamonds in compositions with floral details.


Tension-setting is one of the most demanding and delicate settings in jewelry because the diamonds are exposed to air held between two metal walls.

It can be worked individually or creating compositions full of harmony and elegance and allows for fine and balanced designs.


Rings with multiple stones help represent important moments such as an anniversary, memorable date or a birth with their number. Our favorite number for an engagement ring? Without a doubt, three: the trilogy that symbolizes Past, Present and Future.


Halo rings have a design that is composed of a central diamond and small round diamonds around it, these make the surrounding diamond look bigger and the jewelry looks brighter.

This timeless style can make you on a tight budget with a great ring.


If you like to combine rings and minimalism, the bridal set is for you, a fine ring that combines perfectly with each other. You can wear one ring of each color and use them together or separately thanks to its beautiful design.


Milgrain details are small beads or granules in the metal that give a romantic and vintage look to the jewelry. They attract attention to the central points of the rings, like precious stones.


If you want to get out of the classic, one of the best ways is to give color to your ring. You can do it with the tone of gold, with yellow, white or pink, or with the stones, using diamonds (white or black), sapphires (pink, blue or green) and zircons.

For example, choosing a more classic gold like maybe the yellow one, you can make great designs breaking with the classic with the black diamond.

Now that you know all the types of engagement rings, we recommend that you learn the 4 Cs rule to become a diamond expert. And if you still don’t know which diamond cut to choose, get rid of your doubts with our post Brilliant vs Princess.



Asking for a hand is one of life’s great decisions. And what better way to surprise your better half than with a beautiful engagement ring. We know that it is a very important decision and that, sometimes, it can generate certain doubts before buying the definitive one. Today we give you 10 tips to buy your engagement ring. I’m sure that at the moment of Yes, I want! everything goes perfectly.

Although the proposal is a real surprise, try to talk to your partner about their tastes in jewelry and rings: style, metal … not only the economic is important.

It’s one of the happiest days of your life so look for some clues to make it really perfect. You will get your partner to smile from ear to ear at the moment of the big question.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring? Although there are hundreds of articles that tell you that you should spend two months’ salary, we advise you to value the small details, your partner’s taste and the budget you have before investing a fortune. An engagement ring is, above all, a promise for the future and what matters is the feeling you share.

Okay, you’re pretty much clear on what your partner wants from an engagement ring, but you’re still hesitant. It’s a complicated decision to make alone. The best thing is to talk to the people who know her best to help you decide, so you can be completely sure that it will be perfect for her.

It’s the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, so why wait until the last minute to buy the perfect engagement ring?

Keep in mind that the delivery time for a handmade ring is at least two weeks; if you already know the date, give yourself at least a month’s notice to choose, buy and decide how to surprise!

A certificate that guarantees the authenticity of your diamond ring is essential and will help you to know its characteristics. At Argyor all our jewels are accompanied by a certificate of diamond authenticity that guarantees the quality of the diamonds set in the jewel, specifying the number, cut, carat, color and purity.

Surely one of the things you have thought of most is: “how do you know the cut of the ring? It seems like a whole world, but it’s not hard to know the exact size your better half needs.

How do you make this dream come true? Find an accomplice and call a friend or family member who does detective work or find one of their rings and compare it with this size meter.

If you already know the size, style, budget and tastes of your partner, the most important step is to choose your engagement ring.

Being able to personalize the engagement ring makes it even more special and unique. That’s why more and more people are choosing this option: you can engrave inside a phrase, a date or a special message that always reminds them of you. However, if you choose this option, you will have to plan even longer for the purchase of the ring since it can take some more time to manufacture and deliver it.

Even if it takes you weeks to choose the perfect diamond ring for your half, it may not be the final one. It may not be your size or your style: don’t worry, it’s more common than you think. Make sure you check the purchase conditions of the jewelry store in case you need to exchange or return your engagement ring. At Argyor we take care of size changes and returns so you can finally have the perfect engagement ring.

For everything to be perfect, to be well advised and for the jewel to be on time, the most important thing is that you go to a jewelry store and to a trusted brand of jewelry. At Argyor we are experts in engagement rings and wedding rings since 1954. Each one of our rings is made by hand, one by one and under order.

Are you already clear about how you are going to buy an engagement ring? Which is the perfect engagement ring for your better half? Now it’s time to start planning the big day of the wedding and all the details, so here are 6 steps to follow before buying your wedding rings so you can get inspired and choose the ones that suit you best.

Where to buy the engagement ring? Discover the best stores!

The long-awaited moment has arrived! You have decided to get married and start a new life together. In order to strengthen the commitment, it is a tradition that the bride receives a ring to be ordered, a special jewel that reflects her personality and is an accomplice of your love. Traditionally, solitaires were the symbol of this commitment, since the diamond represents eternity, but today we have a wide variety of jewelry stores that offer engagement rings in the most different styles and prices.

The engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand since, for centuries, it is said that the amorous vein that connects directly to the heart passes through it. Don’t wait any longer to find the perfect ring, here we leave you a collection of the best stores for you to show off your love with the best jewelry.

Rosal Jewelry

This jewelry store offers you first quality materials and expert hands to elaborate your engagement ring or any kind of jewelry. Its artisans care about the detail of the finishing of each piece and having their own workshop, they can make any design so that the jewel represents your personality and is a unique and exclusive piece.
We like it: as experts in jewelry, they recommend gold as a noble material because of its durability, and they recognize that the diamond is still the star element in order rings. But their work, both for engagement rings and wedding rings, stands out for its custom manufacturing. Their professionals will advise you and create with you the piece that best reflects your union.
Their rings of order from: solitaires of white gold (18kts) and diamonds from 230 € . Solitaires in gold (yellow or white) and zircons from 120 € .

White Jewelry

Her jewels are designed not only for the big day, but for a lifetime. They advise couples to wear the rings they order every day, especially if they are custom-designed jewelry. In Joya Blanca they make their pieces under strict quality controls to offer you the best of the market. Their services include wedding rings, order rings and any jewelry complement.
We like: their bridal collection, traditional diamonds give way to other types of precious stones, mainly in pastel shades. The frames are simple and elegant, to give all the prominence to the stones. The star material continues to be white gold, although pink gold is increasingly in demand.
Their engagement rings start at: 250 € .

Biendicho Jewelry

They understand their jewelry as:” a gold tailoring, which allows to combine pieces, stones, pearls… and create a thousand exclusive designs”. All jewelry is an investment, so their professionals will advise you to choose the option that suits you best. They have a special service of loans of bridal earrings so that you can try them on with your dress (always in stores of the surroundings).
We like it: the jewelry manufacturing service is outsourced to the 3 best artisan workshops in Valencia, which produce Biendicho’s own collection and custom designs. Their collection for this season is characterized by: “the angel skin corals in soft colors, like pink and nude, which have managed to introduce color definitely in the minds of brides,” they say. In addition, they work with the best suppliers of jewelry.
Their engagement rings from: 300€

Tabata Morgana Jewelry

They offer a personalized and exclusive service in the design and manufacture of jewelry, wedding rings and order rings. They are expert gemologists and appraisers who will give you the best options for your budget. According to Tabata Morgana: “in each creation they look for the jewelry to fit the day to day of each couple, since the rings and the engagement ring are one of the few things that are going to be worn for life”.
We like it: they believe in custom design and the exclusivity of a piece as special as an engagement ring, that’s why they don’t have a standard collection. In their workshop they keep a wide range of samples to show their customers, who mainly opt for simple and elegant jewelry.
Their rings can be ordered from: 400€.