The earrings, fundamental jewelry. Discover how to combine them

What are they?

The earring, clay, tendril, earring, caravan or hoop, is an object that serves to decorate the body and is usually placed in the ears. There are several types of earrings, of different materials and shapes. On the outside of the earring is the decorative element, and is connected to the inside of the ear by a small ring, which is held by a thread (butterfly), usually. The use of earrings is only ornamental and is used not only in the ears, but throughout the body.

There is a graphic document, specifically the painting of the Battle of Zurich in 1799, located in the Palace of Versailles, which shows the figure of a wounded French warrior with an earring in his right earlobe. Therefore it is called that men who wear an earring in the right earlobe are considered (heterosexual), while men who wear an earring in the left ear are considered (homosexual).

History and evolution

With the form of a simple earring the earring has been found in graves of the Bronze Age and it is recorded that it was used among some ancient peoples as a nose ornament, piercing the nasal cartilage. The earring with its pendant often appeared in the reliefs of Assyrian characters but is not seen in those of Egypt where it seems that the earrings were not very fashionable. However, precious specimens have been found in tombs of princesses of the XII and XIII dynasties and pharaohs of the XX among others. From Egyptians and Assyrians copied the form the Phoenicians, Hebrews and other Eastern peoples. The same custom was adopted by the Greeks and Romans, carving earrings of singular wealth with gold earrings and pendants of pearls, gems and small metal heads being their own use of women, as in other Western countries. However, the children of Athens and Rome also used to wear earrings, although only in one ear.

The name “arracadas” is used to distinguish complete earrings, especially those of large dimensions. Many ancient peoples like Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Etruscans, Celts and Iberians wore them of this type and in a circular way. Of the latter, some statues such as the famous Lady of Elche are good proof and perhaps many of the embossed bronze disc-shaped plaques found in Celtiberian tombs had the same fate. Of Phoenician labor with Assyrian reminiscences are the magnificent gold arracadas found in the Treasury of Aliseda. The Arabs in Spain also wore large earrings with a multitude of pendants in imitation of those worn by the ladies of various regions even in the Modern Age.

Some cultures use the earrings as a protective amulet, to prevent evil spirits from entering the body through the ears.

Current events

Currently, the use of earrings is not restricted to the ears only. The custom of placing earrings all over the body is spreading: in several places of the ears, in the navel, in the eyebrows, in the nose, in the tongue, in the lip, among others. This technique is called piercing.

Perforating the soft tissue and placing piercings in these areas often results in stretching the pierced area, returning it to its original state only with a small reconstructive surgery.

In jewelry there are different types of earrings (earrings, pendants, rings) and each one has its own charm. However, not all of them favor the same types of earrings. The shape of the face, the haircut and even the hairstyle can determine which type of earring favors them the most. So, let’s get to know the types of earrings and some tips on how to use them.

What are the types of earrings?


Earrings are usually classified according to their shape. There is a great variety of types of earrings. Also, according to the trends you can find some types of earrings, very particular.

Types of earrings according to their shape


They are also known as openers, the earrings attached to the ears that are mainly used by newborns. They are mini size pin earrings. Some have a very pointed pin, so they can pierce the earlobe of babies.


This is one of the most used types of earrings, since a long time ago. They are timeless, because they never go out of fashion. The ones with the shape of a ring are the classic and more conventional ones. But nowadays, besides round ones, you can find square ones, and in heart shapes, star ones. They are very comfortable and light.

Hook earrings

They are those earrings that the pin has the shape of a hook, similar to a fishing hook, made of wire.

Pressure Earrings

They are snapped shut, usually without a pin, and no hole is required to attach them. But there are also pressure earrings with pins that have a small piece known as a nut or butterfly clasp.

Candlesticks or Filigree

They are called like this because of their resemblance to antique lamps, they are long tendrils, with a base and from that base decorations are hung.


They are earrings attached to the ear, with a pin and a round gem that could be a pearl.

Types of earrings you should wear according to the shape of your face

Round face

If your face is round, like the singer Miley Cyrus, the best thing to do is to avoid wearing earrings with this same shape, like rings or hoops. It is best to choose elongated earrings. This type of earring will help harmonize the shape of your face, giving it a thinner appearance.

Elongated face

Unlike the previous one, the elongated faces need earrings in the form of rings, which are circular. You can also choose any earring that is attached to your earlobe. This way you will balance your face and help it not look so elongated.

Oval face

Those who have this kind of face, like the actress Megan Fox, can say they are lucky. This type of face is defined as the perfect face for everything from haircuts to types of earrings.

The title “perfect face” is attributed to it because it is the most harmonious type of face there is. For this reason, any type of earring can be used. Long, short, round, square, attached to the earlobe or not. The only thing to take into account is the length of the neck. If it is a short neck, it is best to use short, glued earrings. While, if it is long, the best thing is the elongated earrings.

Square face

The square faces usually have a fairly marked chin and jaw. Angelina Jolie is one of the Hollywood actresses who has this type of face. This shape usually makes the face look strong and rough. To refine and stylize these features it is best not to use large or elongated earrings. These will make the chin look wider. It is better to bet on small and round earrings that will give a simple touch, just what this type of face needs.

Heart shaped face or inverted triangle

This type of face is not the most common, but it exists. It is characterized by being wide on the forehead and narrow on the chin. Actress Reese Witherspoon has this face shape. The types of earrings that favor her most are those with triangular shapes, which are more voluminous to give more width to the lower face.

Tips for choosing the right type of earring for your hair


If you have curly hair it is better to opt for earrings with very straight lines or smooth surfaces so that they harmonize with your hair and don’t detract from your hair.

If your hair is straight, it’s best to choose larger, bold and colorful earrings. This will help create a more voluminous effect on your hair.

Earrings according to the type of face

What types of earrings to wear according to your face type?

To make your face stand out, you should use accessories that have the opposite shape to your face. Here is a guide to keep in mind when you buy your next pair of earrings.

This face shape is the most versatile. You can use almost any type of earrings. They can be short, long, simple, with stones, small or large.

You can use those that are round or button-shaped, rings or hoops. You should avoid those that are square or rectangular in shape.

Types of earrings

Earrings are today the favorite accessory of most women and cannot be missing when dressing.

Take note of the 9 earrings you should always have for every occasion. A cautious woman always wants to show off her beauty, you can go out without makeup, but never without a pair of earrings.

Earrings with pearls

Pearls will always be a classic, you can find earrings with only one pearl or with more special designs. They can serve you for any occasion and almost any kind of outfit, will highlight simplicity, but elegance.

Huggies or Broquel

The small earrings highlight the femininity, you can find with diamonds, zirconia or discreet designs. A small earring attached to the earlobe makes your face stand out and the best thing is that no matter what type of face you have, you will always look great. They are also ideal for girls, their first earrings.

Placements or earrings

There are different sizes and are distinguished by its circular shape. They can make your face stand out and look better with your hair up.

Geometric earrings

Like the pearl earrings, they are also for a long or oval face. You can find triangular, square, rectangular, diamond shaped and other shapes or lines. It’s a creative touch for your outfit.

Candlestick earrings

This is a big and extended type of earring, they go very well with big faces, although you have to be careful that they are not too big and reach the shoulder, that will not look very good. These earrings are narrow at the top and as they go down you can find very innovative and sophisticated designs.

Handmade design earrings

These earrings are usually very casual, with many colors and shapes, is a variant that you can incorporate into your outfit.

Long and thin earrings

They are usually used to give seriousness and in formal events. They can be plain, rigid, with diamonds or with simple shapes.

Earrings with feathers

Like handcrafted earrings they are very versatile, both to wear during the day or at night and for any kind of face. They are usually very colorful and sometimes with additional accessories.


This type of earring is the one that goes around the edge of the ear. You usually find them with diamonds or zirconia, and they are not usually combined with other earrings in the ear lobe.

Don’t hesitate to use these tips that will complement your look perfectly!

What are the most common types of earrings?

Earrings are very varied, they can be simple earrings, pearls, pearl earrings, diamonds or zirconia earrings, ear cuffs or candlestick designs.

How much do earrings cost?

The cost of stainless steel and gold-plated earrings varies depending on the finish, quality and beading. You can consult wholesale prices in our catalogs.

5 types of earrings that will always be basic and elegant


Although earrings began to be used thousands of years ago as a symbol of power, aristocracy, bourgeoisie and even as a talisman for good luck and to ward off disease, today they are a simple accessory that complements an outfit.

Originally worn by men, at the beginning of the 20th century it became customary for all newborn girls to have their ears pierced and to become owners of their first pair of earrings. This habit is still practiced in many parts of the world today.

It is only when we have a conscience that we can decide whether we want to wear them or not. And if so, choose what style suits our activities, style and personality best. Here is the list of six basic types of earrings that we should all have in our accessory drawer, thanks to which they adapt to all kinds of situations. By having even one pair of each, you won’t need more:


Basic of basic. Ideally, they should be real so that they will last in the family for generation after generation. Here you can play with the sizes to fit your style.


For many, it was their first “long” or “pendant” earring that they dreamed of. Today we can find thousands of sizes, styles and colors. Our recommendation is to always keep the sobriety for an elegant look.


Among the millions of styles that exist, there is always one indicated. How to find it? It’s very easy. You just have to make sure it’s the right length, that it doesn’t reach the shoulder so it doesn’t look so exaggerated, and the simpler it is, the more sophisticated it is. Note: They are never accompanied by a necklace.

Diamonds or zirconias

It’s a great option for a cocktail or formal look, as an alternative to a candlestick, if the central focus is going to be an eye-catching necklace. The mini-flashlight is a simple yet sophisticated accessory.


To get away from the traditional, sometimes it is also worth using these original proposals. They are for those who like the avant-garde with class. Best of all, they can be used day and night, and will give a great touch to the plainest outfit.

Ear cuffs

Very exaggerated for many, but really a great accessory if you find the style that goes with your personality. There are many types and sizes. The truth is that it becomes a total protagonist of any look.

Don’t you know what an ear cuff is?


Fashion recovers old styles and design forms. So, if we want to know what is an ear cuff, we must go back to the 90’s with the fashion of earrings that were placed in the cartilage of the ear. However, fashion is not something limited to recovering old traditions or objects and introducing them into the market without further ado. This recovery in the 21st century of an element from the 1990s has been associated with some modifications for its adaptation to the current world.

Ear cuff: recovery of costume jewelry

If for a few years the jewelry has been left behind and had gone into decline, the ear cuff earrings aim to regain the splendor they once had. After the steps of the XXL necklaces in fluorescent tones, the rhinestones or the different rings for each of the fingers, both hand and foot, it is time to recover accessories for the ears and the ear cuffs will take care of it.

The ear cuff earrings are designed so that our entire ear is an element that helps us in our makeup and aesthetics. The main function of this type of earrings is to join the ear lobe with the cartilage. To do this, you can use a small chain or cover the entire profile of the ear with stones or rhinestones. The choice is up to each one of you and how you feel most comfortable.

Ear cuff perfect complement

The ear cuff earrings are an element that already accompanies all the stars of the national and international scene. Actresses, models, athletes and even renowned writers have been seduced by this trend and have different models to combine with each of their clothes.

Although the appearance of this complement dates from ancient Egypt, it was not until the designer Annelise Michelson made an adaptation when it began to be considered as an element that could serve to improve the exterior appearance of those who wear it. This, coupled with the bet of well-known artists such as Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson or Cara Delevingne put the ear cuff in the center of the hurricane in the fashion world.

Seductive, daring, original and modern, the ear cuffs have conquered all known brands of jewelry and we can find them in most stores that offer both jewelry and clothing and accessories. However, in order to wear an ear cuff properly it is necessary to know some details. For example, in order not to overload our aesthetic and make it seem too much, the ear cuffs are placed only in one ear leaving the other one totally free of any earring. In addition, this type of earring, because it has quite loaded elements, is usually used at night, although we find some simpler models to wear during the day.

The perfect combination with this type of jewelry is a modern, current and casual look, like a rocker. Although we can get to wear them with any other style, the one mentioned above is the one that best suits its characteristics. On the other hand, there are some ear cuffs with glitter and stones that are quite striking and should be combined with simpler and more discreet clothing.