Necklaces: Choose the ideal one for you

The necklace is a string or chain shaped accessory that surrounds the neck or upper chest as an ornament. It has also been used as a garment of distinction alone, and increased with some cross or medal of its own decorations


The necklace may have a more remote existence than other common accessories such as the ancient ring and bracelet because it has been found in very old prehistoric graves of the Palaeolithic era, such as the necklace beads made of Nassarius gibbosulus or Nassarius kraussianus shells found in the rocky coat of Skuhl (Israel), Oued Djebbana (Algeria), Pigeon Cave (Morocco) or Blombos Cave (South Africa), with chronologies that go beyond one hundred thousand years old in the first case, ninety thousand in the second, eighty-two thousand in the third and some seventy-five thousand in the fourth.

It has normally been considered as an ornament for women, but far from being exclusive, it has also been used by men in indigenous peoples and in the ancient civilizations of the East and Egypt (only in Greece), in Etruria and Rome, in the Byzantine Empire and somewhat in the medieval West (at least, in the 14th century), ceasing in Europe since the 15th century for men, except for use as an honorary decoration.

Prehistoric necklaces of the Stone Age always consist of strings of shells, ossicles, teeth and small stones. Those of the Metal Age add to the above elements some gold and copper beads, of baked clay and vitreous paste or are transformed into torques (rigid necklaces) in the form of braids and rings or are composed of metal clasps from which hang small rings of the same material. Of all the indicated forms, precious specimens have been exhumed in different prehistoric, Iberian and Celtiberian tombs in Spain, among which the necklace of different pieces of terracotta found in a grave in the Celtiberian necropolis of Navafría, in Clares (Guadalajara, today in the M.A.N.) offers not little interest for its symbolism.

In the different historical civilizations of the antiquity the most common type of this garment consisted of a ribbon or chain of precious metal with artistic pendants, according to the style of each country without missing the strings of pearls from the pre-Hellenic civilization or glass beads and precious stones or repeated series of such objects forming a varied necklace as the osk of the Egyptian civilization.

The ancients, and especially the Romans, had three species of necklaces; those that they distinguished with the names of monile, torques and collare.

The necklaces called monile, typical of women, were in use among the Egyptians. Almost all their statues, even those of men or gods, are adorned with them. From these monuments, one can guess that the Egyptians liked to adorn themselves with necklaces made of fruits, berries, leguminous plants, feathers and especially those of the chicken of Numida. The same can be said of the barbarian peoples and the Etruscans, who also made necklaces of pearls and precious stones. In the ancient monuments you can see chains around Minerva’s neck. Isis wore a necklace adorned with precious stones. In an inscription by Grutero, among the offerings made to Aesculapius, one can see a gold chain composed of small snakes. As for the Greek and Roman women, it seems that they did not use the necklaces and chains in public, but in the banquets and dances that were celebrated inside their houses.
Torques and torquis were the names of the necklaces or chains with which courage was rewarded and distributed by the Roman generals to the meritorious soldiers, who for this reason were called milites torquati. Military chains were usually made of gold, although we read in Pliny that there were also silver ones, and many of them have been found in Roman tombs. The weight of these chains was sometimes one pound of gold, as it is shown in a letter from Valeriano to the Syrian Procurator. As for their length, it can be seen from some ancient monuments that were quite long and hung over their chests. The Gauls were adorned with gold chains, distinguishing by them their category and the class to which they belonged. Manlio Torquato acquired this nickname for having removed such a decoration from a Gaul after he died in a challenge. Floro speaks of a gold chain weighing one hundred pounds that the Gauls gave to the Romans. Erodiario says that the Britons wore iron chains and Strabo adds that they also had them made of ivory even though this luxury seems implausible for such a barbaric people. The Spaniards, according to Strabo’s testimony, also wore iron chains. These military rewards were often given to gladiators and athletes.
The necklace was an instrument of torture, which was worn especially by slaves who had escaped and been caught again.
The ancient Arabs wore leaves and bunches of trees around their necks out of devotion when they returned from Mecca, just as the French ladies did in not so ancient times when they wore chains or necklaces made of herbs taken on St. John’s Day.

In the Middle Ages, a similar tendency prevailed, with the use of chains that went around several times and that in the Byzantine civilization carried medals or gold coins and rhinestones in Arabic, pieces with filigrees.

In the Modern Age, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries, necklaces with thick hollow and filigree balls or fretwork were used, always as a feminine adornment.

It is common that within the World of Beauty and Fashion there are diverse terms that at some point we use to generalize something without knowing that they have some specific name and we did not know it. Now in this article I want to talk about the different types of necklaces that exist, about their lengths and the ways and occasions in which you can use them.

I assure you that just as you are careful to choose your outfit, you are also careful to choose the accessories you will use to complement it and to have a certain harmony in your style without overlooking the way everything you wear looks perfect when you wear it.

Now I’ll let you know the next time you make the decision to wear a necklace in your outfit, what type of necklace it is, as well as if it’s the right one to wear with the clothes you choose or for the occasion you decide to use it. All of us, as women, love to be praised, to feel comfortable with what we wear and of course to look divine when necessary.

Take note of all that this article can do for you by giving you a new way to choose and wear a necklace.

The necklace is an ideal complement if you want to highlight your figure because it stylizes your neck, while adorning it and highlighting the neckline you wear. As I told you in a previous article, choose the jewelry accessories that suit you best depending on your height, complexion, face type, etc. and necklaces are no exception because there are several types and shapes and not all of them favor us just because they are unique.

12 styles of necklaces you need to know


Do you think he knows all the styles in which a necklace can be made? We have identified 12 more used. There are many others, but they are quite rare. Here, then, is a brief guide to learning how to recognize the styles of a necklace.

  1. Sautoir is a French word for a very long necklace, sometimes with a pendant. The sautoir necklace became fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s, and is often associated with the Art Deco style. It can have a single wire or two or three wires. The advantage of a Sautoir necklace is that it can also be worn as a bracelet, as a decoration in the hair and even as a belt.
  2. Matinee It is approximately 50 centimeters long, and is often worn with dresses that have large necklines, which are then highlighted by the morning necklace. Also in this case the necklace can have different lines.
  3. Princess You don’t have blue blood to wear a princess necklace. It is actually an average necklace, between 43 and 45 centimeters long, which can be worn practically every time. It is the typical and classic necklace that goes best with quite formal clothing.
  4. Necklace From all the rage in the 19th century, these ultra short necklaces came back into fashion in the eighties and were recently re-proposed. Not recommended for those with a short neck or a little large, this necklace is able to make you stand out instead of a thin line. Princess Diana often wore this type of pearl necklace.
  5. Opera It is a variant sautoir necklace, length between 70 and 90 centimeters. As its name suggests, it has been introduced to be worn on great evenings. Worn as a single strand, the necklace should fall below the bust line, or even up to the navel.
  6. Bib The name does not do justice to these necklaces that are often very decorative. Worn across the chest, it should be worn with care, because its design should be carefully coordinated with the rest of the clothing. Ethnic, or with abstract motifs, with beads or crystals, these necklaces are a challenge: you must be able to wear them.
  7. Lavaliere It is a necklace with a pendant that connects to a chain. The main pendant can be connected in turn to the stripe or other pendants. It was a popular necklace in the early 20th century, when it dominated the Art Nouveau, the Edwardian and the Art Deco.
  8. Multi wire As the name indicates, they are collars composed of many wires connected. It is a classic of pearl and bead necklaces.
  9. Pendant A pendant at the end of a necklace can be a trivial record to enrich a simple chain or a masterpiece of fine jewelry. In short, large medallions and pendants should be carefully chosen so as not to draw attention to something that is trivial. The advantage is that pendants can often be personalized with dates, initials, dedications.
  10. Riviére It is called a necklace composed of one or two lines of precious or semi-precious stones. The stones are of a different size: the larger on the front of the necklace, smaller on the one that hugs the neck.
  11. Necklace It is not a choker, but a very thin circular necklace surrounds exactly the base of the neck. Very short, it can also be worn on a shirt or a summer dress without a necklace.
  12. Rope The word for rope, which in English means the string, indicates a necklace with the wires braided, to mark a single volume, as a thick rope.

Necklaces allow us to highlight or complement an outfit, but also help to stylize the neck and enhance the face.

The perfect necklace for every type of neckline


They are really a great accessory, but you must be careful when combining your clothes because the right necklace will depend on the type of neckline of your blouse or dress.

Pay attention to these tips to choose the perfect necklace for each type of neckline!

Strapless neckline

This type of neckline gives the freedom to combine it with different types of necklaces. From a simple necklace to a choker or an eye-catching necklace.

The ideal is that they always remain on the skin. Take into account your skin tone and the garment when choosing the necklace for your neckline.

V neckline

Deep or V-shaped types of necklaces also look good with different types of necklaces. If you have a large bust it is best to choose a long necklace that goes over the neckline and stylizes the body.

You can choose a necklace with the same shape of the necklace with stones or any other ornament.

Boat neckline

When choosing a necklace for the boat neckline it is best to opt for small and simple necklaces.

Don’t choose a necklace that is too big or too overdone to make the neck look longer and more stylish.

High neckline or turtle

The high neckline or turtle gives you the possibility to wear long or large necklaces. Choose designs that go in harmony with the style and colors of your clothes.

You can choose a subtle long necklace or an original choker.

Round neckline

The best necklaces for this type of neckline are short necklaces that are framed within the neckline and the skin.

Necklaces or short necklaces are ideal, dare to choose colors that contrast with your clothes and enhance your look.

Square neckline

Like the round neckline, the square neckline looks better with short necklaces and chokers that help stylize the neck and show off the skin area.

Choose colors and designs that suit your personality and style and also your skin tone.

Strapped neckline

Also in the case of the strapless neckline, it is best that the necklace is worn inside the frame of the dress on the skin.

You can choose a longer size that reaches the edge of the garment or a necklace that fits around the neck.

Shirt neckline

With the shirt neckline it is best to choose short necklaces if you wear your shirt open or you can choose a long one if you wear your shirt closed.

The ideal is to choose neutral or metallic tones to not overload the look.

The important thing is to look at the shape of the garment to think what necklace would look better. Chokers and short necklaces allow the garment to look more stylish and make the neck look better.

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